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    Phlebotomy Now

    Phlebotomy Now is dedicated to accessible learning and empowering individuals in their careers. With our flexible schedule and comprehensive courses, you can become a skilled phlebotomist on your own time. Led by our Head of Instruction, Beth Bentley, we provide top-notch education and support. Invest in your future with Phlebotomy Now and join a growing field with endless opportunities. Let's work together to make your career dreams a reality!

    Why Choose Our Phlebotomy Course?

    Unlock all of these benefits with an affordable tuition fee when you register with Phlebotomy Now:

    Expert Instructors

    Learn from seasoned phlebotomists with years of experience in the field.


    Flexible Learning

    Our course is designed to fit your schedule, with a combination of online and in-person training.


    Career Assistance

    ARPT offers job placement support to connect you with your first job.



    Receive a certificate through ARPT that will prepare you for your new career.


    certified phlebotomist

    Looking For A Career in An Allied Healthcare Field?

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    We Would like to publicly and respectfully declare that Phlebotomy Now is only open to members of the ARPT. While membership is free to the member, membership for the American Registry of Phlebotomy Technicians is only available to those who meet the criteria and expectations. This means that without meeting the standards set by ARPT, you will not be eligible for membership or have access to the benefits provided by ARPT (Phlebotomy Now).